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Type bits/keyID     Date       User ID

pub  4096R/00F4AD5E 2019-03-22 Ralf Hersel (2019 signing and encryption) <>
                               [user attribute packet]
	 Fingerprint=6819 276F 92E2 0321 2D09  9352 FD45 67F7 00F4 AD5E 

pub  3072R/BAFE725F 2018-12-21 Ralf Hersel <>
	 Fingerprint=7874 DA53 D423 2924 E212  7382 50AD 3F95 BAFE 725F 

pub  2048R/F9E8E644 2013-05-26 Ralf Hersel (Key for email and file encryption) <>
                               [user attribute packet]
	 Fingerprint=AC3A AFF3 14FE C5BB 961F  0457 DB9E 085B F9E8 E644 

pub  2048R/2EE96C44 2010-11-23 Ralf Hersel (Schlüssel für Launchpad und Email Signaturen) <>
	 Fingerprint=382B FB15 9D4C B4EF 9406  2FD5 320A CE02 2EE9 6C44 

pub  2048R/45AC526B 2010-10-29 Ralf Hersel <>
	 Fingerprint=CD74 55D9 DEE4 9173 2824  4822 7299 3244 45AC 526B 

pub  1024D/20584F58 2008-11-02 Ralf Hersel (private key of Ralf Hersel for email signature and encryption) <>
                               [user attribute packet]
	 Fingerprint=92C7 58E1 4515 BAED 3E4D  0DCD 83BE 1BBD 2058 4F58 

pub  1024D/50DB4771 2007-09-15 Ralf Hersel (Ralf und Martina treiben sich RuM) <>
	 Fingerprint=06BB B5B8 7904 98D1 9C0A  54DD B93D 20B2 50DB 4771